Here's video of the great comeback from last night condensed to less that 12 minutes. Thanks MrTripleDouble10 for uploading this. Part 2 after the jump.

JR 3/22/2011 02:46:00 PM Edit
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  1. Anonymous says:

    at 2:48 KG: "Gotta have it" Love this dude's determination
    Celtics All day!

  2. Luis Lopez says:

    I would have LOVED to be at MSG yesterday.... Just to rub that win on the face of every Knicks fan I could find on my way :D

  3. Anum says:

    ahaha spike lee while mama allen was giving the person a high five LOL hes so shit

  4. Anonymous says:

    anyone else sick of Rondo fouling 3 pt shooters? great win nonetheless

  5. mj says:

    he tripped anonymous calm down

  6. Where is Norman Dale? He said we will lose this match.

    Fucking idiot.

    Great win!

  7. DH says:

    I believe Norman Dale had a heart attack after this incident:


    JR confirmed that the guy in pink was indeed Norman.

  8. Leighton says:

    I love Ray's mom consoling Spike on the sidelines!

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