Due to some recent responses, I've decided to mix up the trivia questions, with less quantity and high difficulty. I hope to see my inbox fill up with answers these next couple days!

Here are the answers to CT2:

1. Top 20 Scorers (G, PTS, PPG)

1 John Havlicek 1270 26,395 20.8
2 Larry Bird 897 21,791 24.3
3 Paul Pierce 884 19,899 22.5
4 Robert Parish 1106 18,245 16.5
5 Kevin McHale 971 17,335 17.9
6 Bob Cousy 917 16,955 18.5
7 Sam Jones 871 15,411 17.7
8 Bill Russell 963 14,522 15.1
9 Dave Cowens 726 13,192 18.2
10 JoJo White 717 13,188 18.4
11 Bill Sharman 680 12,287 18.1
12 Tom Heinsohn 654 12,194 18.6
13 Antoine Walker 552 11,386 20.6
14 Don Nelson 872 9,968 11.4
15 Tom Sanders 916 8,766 9.6
16 Frank Ramsey 623 8,378 13.4
17 Cedric Maxwell 607 8,311 13.7
18 Reggie Lewis 450 7,902 17.6
19 Ed Macauley 416 7,882 18.9
20 Dennis Johnson 541 6,805 12.6

2. Celtics Coaches
John Russell 46/47-47/48
Alvin Julian 48/49-49/50
Red Auerbach 50/51-65/66
Bill Russell 66/67-68/69
Tom Heinsohn 69/70-77/78
Tom Sanders 77/78-78/79
Dave Cowens 78/79
Bill Fitch 79/80-82/83
KC Jones 83/84-87/88
Jimmy Rodgers 88/89-89/90
Chris Ford 90/91-94/95
ML Carr 95/96-96/97
Rick Pitino 97/98-00/01
Jim O'Brien 00/01-03/04
John Carroll 03/04
Doc Rivers 04/05-present

3. M.L. Carr

4. Tony Delk

5. College Match
Danny Ainge- BYU
Marcus Banks- UNLV
Rick Fox- North Carolina
Dave Cowens- Florida State
PJ Brown- Louisiana Tech

FLCeltsFan 48
TB: 60

FLCeltsFan 84
TB 60

OK here are the questions for CT 3!

Part 1: Name the college or high school this ex-Celtics player played last before the NBA (4 points each).

Von Wafer
Justin Reed
Cedric Maxwell
Theo Ratliff
Dana Barros

Part 2: Name that player (5 points each)
1. I was born in Lagos, Nigeria, wen to the University of the Pacific, was drafted by the Clippers, and was on the All-Rookie 2nd team in 1999.

2. I was drafted by the Washington Capitols, led the league in free throw percentage seven times, and was named the MVP of the 1955 All-Star Game

3. I played for five teams from 1989-99, have recorded at least 20 assists in both NCAA and NBA games, and revolutionized the "floater" shot in the lane.

We'll see how this works out. I think it's simpler, but the questions are still fairly difficult. Hopefully it produces some more competitors.

Again, I do not have any prizes, but I know a true sports fan has great pride in knowing the most about their team. For this reason, I ask that all participants answer with their personal knowledge, and not research each question.

I will keep a running tally and plan on stopping at the start of the regular season pending the amount of interest this generates. I kindly ask that you do not post them in comments as that would ruin the fun for everyone. PLEASE E-MAIL ALL ANSWERS TO ME AT SEBREDSOX24@HOTMAIL.COM.

This will run until 7 PM eastern time Monday. I am posting this on both Celtics Life and BBSB (my personal blog). Best of luck to everyone and remember to e-mail me!

Stephen Bailey 8/26/2010 07:00:00 PM Edit
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6 Responses so far.

  1. Jenda says:

    I got it wrong, I meant #4, Tony Delk last time, not #3.

  2. tb727 says:

    Wow I'm impressed at how good I did- especially the Julian coach guess which I guess I got credit for.

    I should've participated in the first one!

  3. Bailey says:

    Jenda- What do you mean? Delk was #4.

    TB- I gave the julian answer to both of you as you both had the last name right lol.

  4. Jenda says:

    Yeah, I knew it was Tony Delk but I said I knew #3. I meant #4.

  5. I didn't get #3 either. I looked it up afterward and was very surprised as in all my reading on Celtics history I didn't know that about ML.

  6. Bailey says:

    OK I gotcha Jenda. I didn't know much about ML until I read "Let Me Tell You A Story" by John Feinstein about Red last week. That led me to read up on him and that's how I found it. Great book by the way, I highly suggest it.

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