Highlights from the 2010 Eastern Conference Finals.

JR 6/22/2010 01:09:00 AM Edit
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  1. Roxanne says:


    Rondo is so freakin ridiculous!!! Love love love this!

  2. TheSmellyGuy says:

    shouldn't it be All they do is come second place? and let us not forget this prick is a ballhogger trying to be the hero and he yet fails. lol. all you do is lose

  3. Unknown says:

    ^^ all you do is smell

  4. JR says:

    Lakers fans are obsessed with the Celtics I tell ya. And lol Sonya. Awesome. :)

  5. Anonymous says:

    I love that kid! Impressive!!!

  6. All I do is win. Great season Boston... hoping it would be the same Big3 + Rondo Show next season.

  7. joxxel says:

    he's really COOL!!!!!
    a very great player...i can't get my eyes off of him whenever he had the ball. :)

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