They will never take it from us, no matter how many titles the Fakers manage to steal. There is absolutely nobody out there that can remove the Celtics word from the green and white jerseys. There will be many Crawfords, Sterns and Jacksons that will try to prevent us from getting well deserved wins, but no matter how hard they try there will always be a team called Boston Celtics out there.

Hours after the final game in the Finals I still had my Rasheed Wallace's jersey acquired in February. I didn't take it off because I wanted to feel the Celtics green still some more time after they finally succeeded in taking our 18th trophy from our hands. The following day I took my jersey to work, this time just in my hand. On my way I saw two Celtics fans, and there was no need to talk, they had that look in the eyes. We know we deserved to win, but we know we are the best no matter what can happen

Celtics fans don't change, they are the most loyal people in the world of sports. Let me tell you something: you may think there are no Celtics supporters outside of the USA but you will be surprisingly wrong. There are thousands of green fans in Poland, the country where I live and I would say there are many more in my country, Spain. These fans don't start following the Lakers because the national hero (aka Pau Gasshole) wears the purple and gold. When you spot a Celtics fan they all have the same look in the eye. It's hard to explain what it means but there is no need to dialogue because there is that look of "we know what's best".

We will be back next season, fellow Celtics fans. We will fight again and show why we are the best team in the world, why so many people share this sort of religion for the shamrock, Boston Garden's magic and the flavor of well deserved wins. We are winners no matter how much they try to tie us and hit us by means of awful officiating, hard critics, no attention from media and absolutely zero respect from the league.

We will win again. As long as there is a team playing with the green jerseys, displaying a passion for the game, the history and the tradition of winning as the Boston Celtics we will know that this sport is worth being watched. The Lakers tried to eliminate us and they finally took the title home but they never stole our pride and our identity. We stood proud until the last breath, without the legs of Perkins and Garnett, through the unbearable plain of Sheed's back and the punished body of our new star Rajon Rondo.

We didn't lose any of that. We didn't lose ourselves, we kept all that makes us unique. We didn't lose our team and the team hasn't lost us fans. We are still here and we will always be. We know we deserved the big prize but we are also aware that we don't need that recognition to know that we were the best team of 2010. We know we were the strongest team in the league and we proved it. We are the Boston Celtics and we will always be proud of being there even though many don't want us. We are the champions.

Bohemian 6/23/2010 10:22:00 AM Edit
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  1. You keep believing The Celtics are this year's champions, sweetie pie. Meanwhile, the party continues for the real and ACTUAL champions in Los Angeles. We ripped that fading pride from your collective chest like candy from a baby, and in front of a HUGE worldwide audience. I got congratulatory texts, emails and phone calls from people all over the world at the end of game 7. Boston's identity is suspect, and many many fans are jumping ship.

    All talk. All talk. All talk.

    Now get back to moping around this summer, while we here in Los Angeles enjoy the summer of BACK TO BACK CHAMPIONSHIPS.


  2. "When you spot a Celtics fan they all have the same look in the eye."... love that. over here in Manila, Philippines, we know that look.. (everybody else is either a Laker or a bandwagoner =)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Here Here!!! One of many Celtics fans in Canada!

  4. I just eliminated The Boston Celtics, into my toilet.

  5. Patti says:

    I can't believe a Lakers fan has time to come to this site and trash talk true Celtics fans?! If the Celtics had won, I would not waste my time, energy, or feelings on Lakers fans. I would be content and happy with the best team winning, and leave well enough alone. How pathetic can you get?! It's just like the Lakers fans who broke out car windows, burned a Celtics jersey in effigy, and set a cab on fire to "celebrate" their win?! WHAT A BUNCH OF LOSERS! Just be happy that Kobe got his one win against the Celtics in the finals--because it's gonna be his ONLY one.

  6. pinsla says:

    Graat said Bohemian
    Here is a 25+ years Celtics fan from Croatia and I very well know what you mean
    And I think they are much more real celtics supporters all over the world than real laker fans
    We are proud of our team, the way they competed beacause we know fakers DIDNT beat us, they needed refs to help them, they needed 20!!!! free throws in fourth quarter
    and we will be back next year

  7. Anonymous says:

    I'm a Boston native living in LA; worked for the Celtics for years.

    The 4th qtr was a total joke. How can a team shoot 24 FT's in one qtr when they only scored 53 points in the first 3 qtrs? This was a GREAT game 7 for 3 quarters but the refs took over. When was the last time any team in ANY game shot 24 FT's? Only 1 foul was intentional.

    Not only that the refs blew several calls in LA's favor: Gasoft's up & down which was scored a FG, 2 and ones on KG's layups that never got called, Gasoft's hack on KG's layup that wasnt called, Odom's hack on Pierces 3 that wasnt called, the phantom foul on Kobe by Rasheed, the charge by Kobe that wasn't called.... instead they gave him 2 points & a FT.

    Total BS! If the same thing had happened to the Lakers I would feel the same way. The NBA is not about the refs. This was a total joke. I love the Celts but I seriously question the credibility of the game.

  8. EvZilla says:

    Very well written. I enjoyed this. It's about loyalty at the end of the day. 62win seasons or 24win seasons. It's how you feel after each and what those emotions cause you to do. I can't speak for anyone but, I've been a fan since '88 and I've never been more proud of their toughness, resolve and class than I was this year. We're cocky, whiny, emotional, gritty and tough. But one thing separates us from almost every team.

    We're a family and we have each others backs on and off and court. That's what the Celtics green is about. It's not all about championships or playoffs runs it's about the culture, the PRIDE and the feeling of knowing you represent a coalition of winners and champions that date back a half-century.So the next time a Lakers fan tries to disparage your team just smile and slowly count to 18, use your fingers for added effect and then walk away. Message: Received. ♣♣♣♣

  9. Anonymous says:

    Why do you fucking idiot faker fans come here and talk shiit go to your own webpage to plan your riots or gay car flags or whatever...

  10. Anonymous says:

    Iv'e been a Celtic Fan since Danny Ainge joined up with Larry Bird and Company. The Celtics were ahead in Game 7 until around the 4 minute mark in the 4th quarter. I was very proud of how the Celtics fought back especially when Perkins went down in game 6. I really didn't think the Celtics had a chance when they lost Perkins. I really believe with Perkins on the floor in Game 7 Celtics win their 18th Title. As Doc Rivers mentioned after the game I told the guys that they had never lost a playoff seried with the starting five in place. The Celtics were shorthanded without Perkins and without the big man the Lakers were able to grab 16 offensive rebounds just in the 1st half. I have to admire Sheed the way he played with back spasms throughout the series. He just ran out of gas along with Garnett in game 7 having to play extra minutes as Doc Rivers mentioned. I really believe the Celtics were the best team this year. Lucky for Kobe that the rest of his team showed up in Game 7 because his performance was below par. What was his field goal % 6-24? He chokes in the big games and he demonstrated this in 2008 against the Celtics. How can you compare him to M.Jordan or say that Kobe is better than M.J. Did M.J ever lose a Championship? NO! 6 for 6 and probably 8-8 if he wouldn't have went to play baseball. Another point, do you think that the Celtics fans would have set cars on fire and committed acts of violence in the streets of Boston if they would have won? Boston fans and the city have more class than to do something like that. You get the point, right. I didn't realize that the Lakers went to the foul line 24 times in the 4th Quarter in game 7, what a joke. This is Sterns fault, he needs to take back the NBA and get the officiating right. I hope that Rivers comes back for another run and Danny Ainge keeps the big three. We need to get a big man, another 7 footer to crash the boards who is physical. Sounds like this James kid has some potential and can really score the ball. Ainge will make the right moves and I'm happy that Ainge is back with us from his heart attack. He has always been a winner from his days at BYU and with the Celtics. GO CELTICS!!

  11. you are right..! there is so many celtics fan here in phillipines.. and im one of that fans here in manila..!

  12. LOL,shoutout to the Lakers fan who can't get enough of us.

  13. Jenda says:

    It is Celts or bandwaggoners. There is no Lakers fanbase as well as there is no tradition in LA Lakers.
    They can beat us but they'll never be beating us, if you know what I mean.

  14. Anonymous says:

    The mafia took over the game... Celtics is the real champs!!

  15. I think the Lakers eliminated the Boston Celtics

  16. AIZA says:

    these Lakers fans come here just to trash talk, wanna know why? because even if they got the title they KNOW very well CELTICS are better then Fakers . -end of story-

  17. sonya says:

    What I don't understand is why Lakers fans rub it in our face that they won...a fake championship that was handed to them on a silver platter. Boston straight got robbed this year and suddenly we're the old rundown team...last I remember kobe's shooting % game 7 was what??? And that was despite using a "spy" to figure out bostons defensive rotations....
    normal people figure out rotations by watching tape...kobe needs a celtics insider...and still couldnt beat our defense

  18. Anonymous says:

    I'm from Australia, and I bleed green. Enough said.

  19. Tessa J says:

    Boston Celtics Love thrives in the Philippines. We are legion out here!The Lakers are a good team, but the Celtics are great! The Greatest, in fact -- in all aspects of the game.

  20. Anonymous says:

    2 WORDS GUYS! "BOSTON SUCKS!" The LAKERS have more history, more wins,more finals appreances, more playoff wins, better ALLTIME PLAYERS, more of a fan base WORLD WIDE and thats not "mostly" white! (lol) Even the NBA logo is a LAKER "THE GREAT JERRY WEST" and soon the Lakers will have more Championships! While the "Geriatrics" Won't be herd from for another 20 Years! Sleep well Boston kinda like a Ray Allen jump shot! A deep slumber!

  21. Anonymous says:


  22. Anonymous says:

    We - from Taiwan are also Celtics' fans. My whole family. We love Celtics, the way how they play, the way how they fight. Boston Celtics will be my only champion.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Get a life Faker fans go on your own dumb fan sites.. you all suck.. and you have no fucking idea what you are talking about

  24. RoswellSounds says:

    Greetings from Buenos Aires to all Celtics around the GREEN GLOBE.

    You know... I still didn´t watch game 7 to analize the thievery. Never took my C´s shirts off in the last week. What can we say now? Goddamn, it´s over. Still can´t believe it, but it is...

    To hell with LA! But LA is a dumpster anyway...

  25. Anonymous says:

    Umm "Green With Envy?" I don't care about those fans that are switching to go for the Lakers. If they are going to give up on the celtics just like that then they don't deserve to be celtics fans. They aren't true fans. Most of the lakers "fans" are people who just follow whoever is winning. I would rather have a few hundred fans that have stuck with the Celtics all along than have thousands of fans who are just rooting for the lakers because they won the championship. Most laker fans are as big of fakes as the lakers otherwise known as the "fakers"

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