R. RondoG44:189-171-13-4+4210133401022 
  R. AllenG41:536-131-53-5+131450000116 
  K. PerkinsC34:006-90-14-10+45624141416 
  R. WallaceF34:089-125-76-6+61800120429 
  P. PierceF33:584-111-37-7+110441002216 
  G. Davis18:161-50-00-0+356021023
  E. House16:004-103-90-0+30000000511 
  S. Williams9:021-10-00-0-303010001
  T. Allen7:440-10-00-2-600213001
  J.R. Giddens0:240-00-00-0-200000000
  B. Scalabrine0:170-00-00-0+2000000000

Full Box Score

Nice win. Rondo and Wallace played great. Perk was solid as usual. House gave some offense off the bench. Scalabrine played about 17 seconds too many, but you can't have everything.

JR 1/10/2010 06:11:00 PM Edit
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  1. Marylou says:

    Why does Ray have a bandaid on his nose? If it is too gross, don't answer this. Also, what state is Perk from? Very interesting accent.

  2. tb727 says:

    Perk is from Texas. Ray had a bandaid on his nose because he got hit in the Atlanta Game and didn't want an infection to spread.

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