James showcased his enthusiasm with dance moves while on the bench late in the game and while on the court in the second half. During one timeout, James danced to House of Pain's "Jump Around" and mugged for the crowd with teammate Danny Green.

Bulls center Joakim Noah felt the dancing went a bit too far.
"When you're losing the way you're losing and guys are rubbing it in your face, dancing and all that," Noah said. "I have a lot of respect for LeBron. It's just a frustrating situation."
LeBron, not surprisingly, insisted that he wasn't trying to show up the Bulls.
"It's nothing against the Bulls and it's nothing against Joakim or none of those guys," he said. "It's nothing about showboating on a team. I've seen it happen all last year. I think he (Noah) was more frustrated about the way he played as an individual. He didn't help his team win."
We kid we kid. We're not condoning anyone hurting the Golden Child, but I must say Lebron is becoming the poster boy for narcissistic superstars. He just keeps coming off as a cocky, egotistical, spoiled brat more and more each day. Despite the announcers siding with Lebron, I can't blame the Bulls for growing tired of Lebron's showboating. Why doesn't he go show off his rings?

Check the end of the video to see Lebron on the bench, yet on the court dancing while play is in action.

JR 12/05/2009 05:33:00 PM Edit
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  1. ThomasJ says:

    Couldn't agree with you more. I was initially a James supporter/fan but the last couple years have really shown that egotistic golden child
    (empahasis on child) side so much. This bs and the whole retiring #23 is pretty sad, especially
    since he so young and we have years to deal with this as the leagues poster child.

  2. ThomasJ says:

    Never thought I would have Noah's back

  3. Bohemian says:

    "I think he (Noah) was more frustrated about the way he played as an individual. He didn't help his team win."

    Who does Lebron think he is?? I am beginning to get sick of this guy already and he is not even 25. I wish he never gets a ring, what a stupid guy

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