For a long time the NBA's had the slogan "I Love This Game."  Well as devout an NBA fan as there is, here are 8 things I Hate about this game (in no particular order):
  1. Players arguing after EVERY foul call.  (LeBron, Bean Bryant, even Perk).  Know what I wish?  There were 400 Robert Parishs' in the league.  Remember when Chief got called for a foul?  He'd never react.  If he ever did, then the refs knew he was seriously upset.
  2. The drop from the court to where the players and fans sit at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland.  Ever notice that?  It's like an 8 or 10 inch drop.  Of course if one of the Cavs ever turned their ankles trying to save a loose ball maybe it'd serve a purpose.
  3. The number of times JJ Hickson hangs on the rim after dunks and never gets called for technicals.
  4. Anderson Varejao (notice a pattern here with the Cleveland stuff?)
  5. Where the term "Big" began to be used instead of "Big Man."
  6. Why Willie Maye is still around after Celtics games but instead of doing the interview (which Greg Dickerson now does) he's there with a Celtics Jersey and green headband on.
  7. Chris Wallace.
  8. How the lights at the Staples Center in the stands are lowered for Laker games and kept on for Clipper games.
So what perturbs you?

tb727 11/28/2009 09:25:00 PM Edit
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  1. JR says:

    TB, what is with you and the angry titles? lol. I always know the author even before checking. One thing that perturbs me is PA announcers after home team baskets. Even the Celtics guy sounds pretty annoying. Some people like the whole "kaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyygggggggeeeeeeeeeeee" thing I'm sure, but not me. I also don't like how stars demand max contracts and sign with their crappy teams for the money, but then demand trades to contenders a yr or so later.

  2. tb727 says:

    Yeah I also greatly dislike overpaid bums (e.g. Simmons, Bobby; Bargnani, Andrea).

    I also dislike preferential treatment for stars.

    The reffing annoys me too.

    Geez why do I even watch this game lol?

  3. ThomasJ says:

    I'm a basketball purist, the game is 'fan-tastic' when it's rules are enforced consistently and equally so my biggest issue is
    STAR CALLS - far and away. Especially Kobe, Bron and Wade. Undesrerved FTs, Bron gets extra steps and takes palming the ball to new levels.
    One thing I've always hated is the separate rules for Shaq: 8 second in the lane, xtra steps (especially as he's gotten older and clumsier) and being able to lead with an elbow to the defenders chest. Even if it hits my favorite players. As a kid I worshipped Dr. J but hated when he got 3 steps, even if it led to a highlight film dunk.

  4. ThomasJ says:

    One more related comment - do you ever hear the talking heads commenting on how bron learned work ethic from kobe during their time on the olympic team together? Well it seems like the main thing he learned from kobe was to cry foul and whine constantly.

  5. tb727 says:

    Thomas J- which talking head? The ones from Cleveland?

    I'm a big fan of fast-forwarding through all half-time analysis of every game since none of the talking heads know any more than me...

  6. ThomasJ says:

    Don't even get me started on talking heads from Cleveland. Since I've had the league pass to watch the C's as my home team I've gotten the home town broadcast from various cities and IMO:
    1. Mike & Tommy are the best. Tommy is a homer, but a hilarious and knowlegeable one who will occasionally admit a Celtic committed a foul or turnover.
    2. Austin Carr is the most absurd homer imaginable. James could use his amazing 'crab dribble',take 5 steps to the hoop while charging into two people and Carr would be falling out of his chair screaming "L-Train". Even Cav fans must say WTF sometimes (if they are sober)

  7. ThomasJ says:

    Last thing - Looking at the picture with your article reminds me (staying on the Cleveland pattern) I can't stand...
    Mo Williams (even more than Anderson for me) - he's a good shooter who is otherwise a cocky punk and very undeserving all-star last year. Stern just couldn't accept from a marketing standpoint that the team with the best record might just have one star and a bunch of role players

  8. JR says:

    Good call on the star treatment thing. OK, I do in fact "hate" that. Never can understand why Albert Pujols and Jed Lowrie have the same strike zone in baseball, but Lebron James and J.R. Giddens have completely different sets of rules for foul calls. I think Lebron is the most pampered NBA player in history fwiw.

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